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Healthiest Passover Ever – Passover Cleanse

This year, I am setting out to have my healthiest Passover ever – by doing a “Passover cleanse” and eating raw, nourishing, and healthy Passover-kosher meals.

Did you know I’m on a cleanse this week? If you follow my Instagram, you’ve probably seen all of the delicious and healthy meals I’ve been sharing on my Instagram stories.

So here’s the deal… going on a cleanse is hard for the first few days. Like really hard, especially when you stuffed your face with two and a half giant coconut macaroons, matzo ball soup, and matzah toffee the night before beginning said cleanse. But I’m three and a half days in and feeling great – so relieved to be past the cravings stages!

If you want to follow along on my cleanse, keep an eye on the blog and my Instagram + Instagram stories

I experienced my first gluten-free Passover a few years ago, and it was really revolutionary for me. During a week when you already have to be creative with your diet, when most meals revolve around matzah or matzah ball soup, I didn’t have a lot of choices. So I set out on my own, and realized later that I had spent the whole week eating a lot of vegetables. And flourless chocolate cake, but mainly a lot of vegetables, and it got me thinking – could Passover be the best time of year for a healthy cleanse?

I think it is – that is, if you’re Jewish, because you really can’t cheat. Want mac & cheese? A donut? A burrito? Just a nibble of the donut? Well, sadly, you can’t.

Healthy Passover Recipes | Nourishing Wild

Now there’s gluten-free matzah that’s actually pretty good, so regardless of your dietary constraints, you could survive Passover on matzah pizza and matzo ball soup, and indulge every day with matzah toffee and macaroons, but I’m choosing not to. This won’t be easy – I really, really love matzo ball soup and macaroons, my two favorite Passover foods, but I’ve found that it’s just not worth it to me to feel horrible/tired/sluggish/bloated after eating those. That’s why I’m committing to a week of healthy, nourishing, healing foods for Passover.

I gave myself the space to enjoy the Passover seder with my family (matzah toffee, matzo ball soup, and all) before embarking on my own path. I prepared lots of healthy food for the week to keep me full and sane and ideally not too grumpy, for the sake of my co-workers, and I started off feeling really prepared and energized to spend the week properly fueling my body. In fact, I even found a zoodle peeler (julienne peeler, but zoodle is more fun) in my pantry, and it inspired me to make a raw pad thai salad. My parents have a lush garden in their backyard, and they gave me a huge bundle of fresh herbs. The magical thing about fresh herbs is that they make everything taste better and more satisfying, so herbs are going in everything this week.

In an ideal world, this is how I’d love to eat on a regular basis, so it’s nice to have a strict and very real reason to stay on track. Want a more detailed look? Here’s my somewhat-tentative Passover cleanse meal plan for this week (for 2):


  • Freshly prepared vegetable juice, hot tea, and/or warm water with lemon
  • Green smoothies with frozen organic mixed berries, banana, greens, mint, almond butter, water, maca powder, and chia seeds
  • Coconut yogurt parfaits with fresh strawberries, pineapple, sliced banana, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and cacao nibs
  • Fruit salad (pineapple, strawberries, tangelo, and apple, with mint and lemon juice)


  • Raw Zoodle Pad Thai Salad + rotisserie chicken
  • Moroccan-ish Sweet Potato Sunshine Salad by The First Mess – without the chickpeas
  • Guacamole salad (mixed greens, avocado, tomato, red onion, cilantro, lime)
  • Adding 2 tablespoons raw fermented sauerkraut to all of my lunches this week to support digestion and overall health

Lunch #1: Tangelo, Raw Zoodle Pad Thai Salad with rotisserie chicken + Moroccan-ish Sweet Potato Sunshine Salad + Olives, Avo, and Sauerkraut

Passover Cleanse Lunch | Nourishing Wild

Lunch #2: Strawberries + Raw Zoodle Pad Thai Salad with rotisserie chicken + Moroccan-ish Sweet Potato Sunshine Salad + Guacamole Salad + Olives + Sauerkraut

Healthy Food Cleanse Lunch | Nourishing Wild

Snack Options

  • Carrot sticks + guacamole
  • Apples + almond butter
  • Almonds + a tangelo
  • Dried fruit + nuts
  • Olives


  • Meatballs + zoodles + tomato sauce + salad
  • Spaghetti squash casserole with garlic, lots of herbs, fresh tomatoes, and a light dusting of aged parmesan cheese
  • Roasted sweet potatoes + Tuscan-inspired salad of garden-fresh romaine, cured olives, tomato, parmesan, fresh herbs, and homemade balsamic vinaigrette
  • Steamed beets salad with mixed greens, walnuts, olives, and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette
  • Steamed cod + fresh veggie stir fry


  • Lots and lots (and lots) of water, including some lemon + mint-infused water and hot water with lemon
  • Yogi teas: morning – detox; day – ginkgo clarity, perfect energy vanilla spice; night – honey lavender stress relief
  • La Croix sparkling water (I love tangerine and peach pear)
  • Vegetable juice: beet + carrot + ginger + lemon + apple

Want to join me on the cleanse, or just follow along? Follow my blog and my Instagram – I’ll be sharing lots of updates on Instagram stories! 

By the way, I feel I should let you know that I am not super religious – I don’t keep kosher, and I don’t follow strict kosher Passover laws. I completely refrain from any chametz or kitniyot during Passover, but I don’t clean out my pantry, and I trust that the labels on my spices are accurate when they say the spices don’t include any chametz, etc. If you follow k4p rules more closely, any of these meals are adaptable using k4p foods available in your local grocery.

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