Weekend Adventures + Link Love 003: Thanksgiving Edition

Another wonderful Thanksgiving has come and gone, and I’m left with fond memories with family, a few new pieces of clothing, new herb plants, hundreds of precious photos with family, and a big jar of honey-maple cranberry sauce.

Thanksgiving is the #1 holiday I look forward to each year. I love everything about it – cozy nights sipping tea or Rumchata, catching up with everyone, and cooking lots and lots on Thanksgiving day. My Dad’s whole family flies in and it’s such a special time with everyone. I also like the permeating tone of gratitude that seeps into everything Thanksgiving-related – from all of my friends’ Instagram posts to ads online and emails in my inbox – everyone seems more grateful and aware this time of year – something we all need.

Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday ever | Nourishing Wild

This year I made a pre-Thanksgiving lunch of a light autumn salad with pomegranates, pears, red onion, feta, and lots of herbs alongside a zucchini salad to spoon atop fresh bread, a dish that I fell in love with while visiting Tel Aviv this past summer. It was the perfect light snack to rev our engines for a full day of cooking, chatting, and of course – eating.

Cheese board guide

This Thanksgiving I made our beloved Artichoke Stuffing – with caramelized mushrooms and a dollop of pesto stirred in. These were the only changes I made, but boy did they pack a flavor punch to remember. This is our favorite stuffing recipe and I can’t recommend it enough. I also made brussels sprouts with balsamic glaze, green bean casserole, and a number of “cinnamon toast crunch” (Rumchata + Fireball) cocktails. Dad smoked a turkey and I seasoned a spectacular cut of salmon for him to grill, while Mom made her signature mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, and cranberry sauce. Teamwork makes the dream work!

My love of fresh herbs is never ending, so it was beautiful to teach my younger cousins about all the herbs growing in our garden. We laughed a lot, spent time outside in the unseasonably warm November sunshine, took a ton of pictures, and stuffed ourselves silly before delving into derby pie and vegan/raw pumpkin pie.

It was a fantastic time spent with family and I’m already looking forward to next year!

On to the goods…

1. These five shame-free books that will make you feel happier in your own skin are on my reading list. Self love is important. Should you add them to your list?

2. Breaking up with a friend is hard. You know what’s worse? Struggling through a toxic relationship that doesn’t serve you. Here’s how to cut ties and honor your own needs.

3. Super Attractors are badass babes who know what they want and do the work to get there. This deep and insightful blog post breaks it down for you.

4. If you’re local in Phoenix, Walter Yoga is hosting some amazing events. Check out their updated schedule here.

5. I really hate one-time-use plastic, and it always happens in the kitchen. I’m convinced plastic wrap is the devil so I switched to aluminum (since it’s recyclable) but I still feel really wasteful using it, so I’m switching to Bees Wrap – a sustainable alternative. 

6. Looking for someone to make a handmade cheeseboard for parties? Contact me! I create beautiful cheese boards and would love to help you at your next event.

Happy Thursday, friends, and happy holiday season!

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